Starfish species

Explore the diverse world of starfish species and learn about their fascinating characteristics. Find out how these incredible creatures adapt to their environments and discover tips for spotting them in the wild.
The Echinoblog: How many starfish species are there?? Where do they Live? How long have they been around? Five Points about Sea Star Diversity! Nature, Design, Starfish Species, Sea Star, Sealife, Sea Creatures, Coral Reef, Ocean, Sea Life

Images here from the Encyclopedia of Life This week, something about the many different KINDS of asteroids (aka sea star or starfish!) that are found throughout the world. Data for this, is from a paper I wrote with Dan Blake last year for PLOS One. You can download it for free here! based on info at the World Asteroidea Database. I can't tell you how many times I've read something about starfish in pop culture or even in pop sci-and the writer assumes that starfish are the SAME all over the…

AM Muojo