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Learn how to achieve clean and precise woodworking results with the straight edge technique. Explore top tips and techniques to enhance your woodworking projects.
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I’m a person just like you, but I’ve got better things to do… Ian Mackaye never intended to lead the straight edge revolution. Songs like “I’m Straight” and “Keep it Clean” prove that the punks had restraint before the Dischord-boom. That being said, Ian’s high school band Teen Idles did put out the Minor Disturbance EP, their only release, with younger brother, Alec MacKaye’s valiant, X’d up fists on its cover. The X’s, now a symbol of the anti-inebriation subculture, was meant to signify…

Brenda Ringo
An amazing collection of classic straight edge fliers | Dangerous Minds Classic, Punk, Musicals, Metal, Punk Rock, Band Posters, Straight Edge, 7 Seconds, Str8

Though it was a massively polarizing movement, you can’t say straight edge didn’t have a lasting impact. It’s one of a handful of rock genres that’s distinguished solely by extra-musical criteria (see also: riot grrrl, queercore, Christian rock)—any given straight edge band sounds like any other hardcore music of its era, but it was set apart by an *ethos* expressed in the lyrics and lifestyle choices of its practitioners rather than any discernible musical difference, and you hardly needed…

Xinrui Chen

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