Strawberry farm

Discover the secrets to growing juicy and sweet strawberries on your own farm. Get expert advice, learn the best practices, and start enjoying your own fresh-picked strawberries today.
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If you've ever Googled "Things to do in Pemberton" (or even if you haven't) this post is for you. And if you haven't, you should. Pemberton, BC is bursting with incredible things to do from outdoor adventures on land, on water and even in the sky, to tasty farm-to-table food from

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Carmel Valley courtesy of the California Strawberry Commission to spend a couple days learning all about California strawberries. Even though I grew up in California and have been eating these delicious berries all my life, it turns out that I really didn’t know that much about...Read More »

Vered Gabay