Stretching for seniors

Stay active and improve flexibility with these effective stretching exercises for seniors. Discover how regular stretching can help maintain mobility and prevent muscle stiffness.
This 10-minute video features 7 Everyday Stretches for Seniors and Beginners that can be used as a daily stretching session or workout cooldown. Ideas, Gym, Stretching Exercises For Seniors, Stretching For Seniors, Stretching Exercises, Bodyweight Workout Beginner, Weight Training Workouts, Beginner Workout, Yoga For Seniors

In this 10-minute video, we’ll do 7 gentle stretches that can be used as an everyday stretching session or workout cooldown. It can be done standing or in the comfort of a chair. Discover how stretching can help increase your flexibility and lift your mood! Mom rocks it in a chair and Mochi pops in to stretch with us!