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Woman Gets Reported To HR For Being On Her Period, Decides To Share Her Full Story Online

As if women in the corporate world needed something else to worry about, it is now apparently inappropriate for co-workers to know that you're on your period, especially if they're male.

Isabel J. McGovern
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How To Have A Glow Up Over Summer Glow Up Checklist 2024: Summer Checklist for a Radiant Glow-Up!

How To Have A Glow Up Over Summer: Check out my summer glow-up checklist for the ultimate summer transformation! Don't miss out on these essential steps to elevate your beauty routine and embrace the season with confidence and vitality. Follow for more tips like this and be sure to explore my pinned content for additional inspiration! #summerchecklist #summerglowupchecklist

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The Only Skincare Tips You Need This Summer

When summertime comes around, it’s every girl’s dream to have radiant, glowing, and healthy skin. A summer skincare routine is just what you need to ensure that your skincare goals are met. Follow these hacks for keeping your skin fresh, soft, and smooth to the surface this season. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, these dermatologist-approved tips will transcend across all skin types. 1. Switch Up Your Face Wash Facial cleansing is the most important and basic step of every…

Radha Madhavi

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