Sun spots on skin

Discover effective methods to reduce and prevent sun spots on your skin. Improve your skin's appearance and achieve a more even complexion with these top tips.
Sun spots on back, neck, shoulders and stomach that will not tan could be Tinea Versicolor. This is caused by a common fungus and is easily treated. Dark Spots On Skin, Spots On Face, Skin Spots, Dark Skin, Tinea Versicolor Remedies, Sun Spots Removal, Dry Skin On Face, Weight Loss Tablets, White Patches

Trying to get rid of skin discoloration? Skin discoloration on the back, neck, shoulders, and stomach may be tinea versicolor. It is also known as sun spots and is caused by yeast on the skin. It can be easily treated with natural antifungals.

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Sometimes a sunburn can result in dark or light spots on the skin. The spots can be small or clumped together to form large spots that seem to be either lacking pigment or resemble a very dark skin tone. Seeing a dermatologist would be the...

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