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Explore stunning tarot card art illustrations that will inspire your own creativity. Discover the symbolism and meaning behind each card and find the perfect deck for your readings.
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Download premium image of Art nouveau gold frame, remixed from the artworks of Alphonse Maria Mucha by Tang about alphonse mucha, alphonse maria mucha, art nouveau, alphonse, and vintage frames 2701396

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19. The sun Mirroring the moon card, I designed the sun card in a similarly simplified way. No horse, no kid. I kept the sunflowers, because they look nice, have a proper link to the subject of the card, and remind me of my mom. I put the sun in white, same as the moon on it's card. Lastly, I put clouds in the ways of those church roof paintings, because I felt like it would align well with the other christian themes in the deck, and because it looks neat. Update one day later: forgot to…