Teacher friends

Discover creative and practical ideas to support and engage with your teacher friends. Find ways to collaborate, share resources, and strengthen your professional network.
Where do you fit in your teaching tribe? Which type of teacher friend are you? Teacher life is broken down with a little bit of humor and a whole lotta truth. After all, would you possibly survive this career in education without your teacher friends? Whether you teach preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, or college, you need a tribe of teacher friends. Check out this post to identify the 5 types of teacher friends! #teacher #classroom #education

The sisterhood of teacher friends runs strong. We're a tight group. When our sanity is tested over and over each day by people who were born in the current millennium, it's reassuring to know just down the hall multiple others are feeling about as wacked as we are. In anticipation of the upcoming school year, I've thought about the five teacher friends we all need to have in our teaching tribe. The 5 Teacher Friends You Need in Your Teaching Tribe 1) The Organized Hoarder This is the friend…

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