Teething chart

Stay on top of your baby's teething journey with our essential teething chart. Monitor their progress and find helpful tips to soothe their discomfort along the way.
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NEW MOMS: Wondering what you can expect with teething? Babies do everything in their own time, but this chart can tell you *roughly* when those teeth might be popping in. How many does your little one have so far? 🦷 Search “Innobaby grape teether” to soothe your teething baby on our website or Amazon to learn more.⁠

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Wondering why your little chubby Dr. Giggles has suddenly transformed to a monstrous Mr. Hyde? Let me give you 9 signs of teething that can explain everything. From Queen Crankypants to Sir Slobber, here are the teething signs that can help you find a fast solution.

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