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Discover how to become a persuasive and influential speaker with these essential tips and techniques for mastering the art of oratory.
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Description So this was the final for my Gesture class, in which we had to design a character. I opted for two characters because its easier for me to develop characters when I’m working with more than one. I decided to go with a Norse and Turkish girl concept for two reasons. One being that I was already behind on the project and since I’ve already done research on Norse/Viking culture (and already have a folder full of reference), it would be easier on me and I would be able to focus more…

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Description Alright, its been a while but have some Skyrim art from my At the top are my characters Valkari, Demir, Falicia and Makoor most of the rest is costumes and clothing Some Serana and Valkari as well as my vision of Dragon Priest Miraak and at the bottom there are some concepts for Valkari parents Asvald and Rhona.

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