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Movie Mary Magdalene! A fascinating article on the depiction of Mary Magdalene in movies like Jesus Christ Superstar and The Passion of the Christ!  #Easter #Christianity #Movies Christ Movie, Passion Of Christ Images, The Passion Of The Christ, Jesus Movie, Passion Of The Christ, Noli Me Tangere, Marie Madeleine, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mary Magdalene

This project explores these contradictory and myriad imaginings of Mary Magdalen, emphasizing particularly the connections to be made between those emerging from the later Middle Ages and in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century.

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You know it's not going to be good when a 10-page letter of complaint breaks off in the middle and says, "But wait, there's more." That's the case of a letter from officials with Liberty Counsel that was sent to Polk State College in Florida about the "pervasive anti-Christian bias" a teacher, Lance Russum, imposes…

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