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November 22, 2023 For many of us, this is the time of year when we are often called upon to be away from home for just one night – family meals, downtown activities that include a night in a nice hotel, quick work jaunts… These kinds of trips only require the smallest little cluster of […]

Merja Annika Lindroos
Second Half of Six Paintings, 12 Months – March 2023 - The Vivienne Files Clothes, Get The Look, Capsule Wardrobe, March 2023, Spring Capsule Wardrobe, How To Wear, Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe, The Vivienne, Fashion Inspiration

March 3, 2023 Let’s check on our other 3 heroines! Boy do I love these colors… This heroine felt like she was in a pretty good spot for pants – she’s got black jeans, and another pair of black pants; those of us who wear black could go for weeks with just these 2! AND… […]

Sharrie Nelson
March 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 2 - The Vivienne Files Pink, Capsule Wardrobe, Travel Capsule, Do You Need, Packing, Stylish, Travel Capsule Wardrobe, Travel Wardrobe, My Style

March 4, 2024 First three paintings can be found here… Let’s visit our other 3 heroines, and their paintings! It’s funny how much I love these paintings when I come back to them after almost a month… At the end of February, our heroine had a cheerful and very practical 12-piece travel capsule wardrobe: […]

Susan Green
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June 22, 2022 By this time of year, most of us should be easily able to whittle down our warm-weather wardrobe to a tidy 33 pieces. While this is NOT what Courtney Carver suggests for her Project 333, I’m pretty confident that she wouldn’t be too upset with us starting at this point. So long […]

Abigail Doyle
March 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 1 - The Vivienne Files Spring Outfits, Outfits, Capsule Wardrobe, Netherlands, What To Wear, Ward, Bright Winter Outfits, Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe, Travel Capsule

March 1, 2024 Even with the extra day yesterday, I’m still not quite sure that I’m ready for March. But she will arrive regardless of my degree of preparation, right? After a 50 degree overnight temperature drop, I’m not sure what season we’re in, nor what to wear on any given day… But let’s look […]

Wanda Weatherly
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March 15, 2023 Beware the Ides of March… Or maybe not! Maybe the Ides of March bring flowers to you… This palette is particularly good for someone who wants variety in their wardrobe – it would be possible to find maybe 10 accent colors in this painting! Our heroine starts with beige; you can do […]

Kathleen Smith
Four Neutrals x Three Accent Colors - Which Ones "Work"? - The Vivienne Files Outfits, Pantone, Ideas, London Fashion, Wardrobes, Capsule Wardrobe, London, Accent Colors, Neutral

April 15, 2024 So once you’ve studied the Pantone Colors from London Fashion Week, (found here and here), you have to decide if you like the colors, if you would be flattered by wearing any of them, and how they might look with the neutral clothes you normally wear. I can’t answer the first two […]

Stacey Limberopoulos