Thistle jewellery

Add a touch of elegance to your look with stunning thistle jewellery. Explore our collection of thistle-inspired accessories and find the perfect piece to complement your style.
A lady in profile with her arm up, and on her arm is a wide gold color filigree bracelet with a Scottish thistle as the focal point. Nice, Miniature, Bracelets, Jewellery, Tattoos, Ideas, Brass Cuff, Cuff Bracelet, Cuff Bracelets

This Scottish thistle jewelry is a statement cuff bracelet is made from and oxidized brass cuff base, with an oxidized brass stamping and thistle as the focal. .. This is nice solid brass. The details are exquisite, and the stampings and cuff are bolted securely together with miniature brass bolts. It is 2" wide in the middle, and 1 1/2" wide at the narrowest. It will fit a variety of wrist sizes, but is best suited for a medium sized wrist. The thistle legend But why is it that such a proud…

Вера Ильина
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This outlander jewelry Scottish thistle silver cuff bracelet is crafted from a silver plated brass stamping and has a silver plated brass Scottish thistle bolted securely in the center. No glue. This piece is magnificent. Double silver plated brass chains keep this piece securely in place, and silver plated brass fold over clasps give this piece a true custom fit. This piece is 2 3/4" wide at the widest, and tapers down to a point in back. It curves around to fit a 6.5" wrist to a 7.5"…

Judith Henderson
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Okay so you either like them or thing they are grouse! That is Scottish jewellery Ptarmigan or grouse foot brooches! Since the Victorian era when Scottish jewellery became popular. The birds foot of the Ptarmigan has been used in the jewellery industry, to produce claw brooches. Originally worn on kilts, shawls and cloaks - it was prized for good luck especially when on a game hunting trip. Still very collectible vintage jewellery today. Grouse bird foot brooches can be found in both silver…

Shaun Kelly