Thunder snow

Witness the awe-inspiring phenomenon of thunder snow and marvel at the combination of thunderstorms and snowfall. Explore incredible videos and stories of this rare weather event.
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Prairie Thunder Snow 12 x 12 inches Original Acrylic painting on stretched canvas Finished on all sides Signed by the artist This painting is Sold When it is very cold out during the winter and I hear thunder, I am pretty certain that it will soon be snowing. So thunder on a very cold winter's day can be quite exciting. I think I would like to do this on a larger canvas. Click on the closeups below to see them larger.

Winter Thunder

Here in my neck of the woods, it has been raining. I don’t mind rain. I’d much rather have rain than snow and ice. Yesterday we had a huge thunderstorm. So as the saying goes “If …

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Thunderstorms and Lightning in Revelation 6. The Meaning Behind the Voice Like Thunder and Its Importance. Prints Available Here! The Bible is full of fascinating metaphors and powerful imagery, and none more so than the book of Revelation. One of the most striking examples is the “voice like thunder” in Revelation 6, which is accompanied by thunder, lightning, and storms. What does this mean? What message is the Bible trying to convey through this ominous imagery?…

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