Tiny house rentals

Experience the charm of tiny living with our top picks for unique tiny house rentals. Book your stay and enjoy a cozy and eco-friendly vacation like no other.
Simple living has a huge appeal these days when everything is so overwhelming less is really more! With today's stresses and full-time employment, you've probably considered downsizing and living a more minimalistic lifestyle where you can take the time to enjoy the little things in life! If you've thought living in a Tiny Home could be for you or if you're wanting to research what it takes to start a tiny house or camper community then start here with these simple tips! Tiny House Communities, Small Home Ideas, Tiny Home Community, Minimalistic Lifestyle, House Community, Tiny House Community, The Little Things In Life, Little Things In Life, Enjoy The Little Things

It seems that these days tiny house communities are popping up all over the world. This is especially true in heavily populated areas like larger cities. But, even smaller communities enjoy the benefits of tiny house living as well. This means that if you live in more populated cities, you are more likely to find […]

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The Corrales casita is the best of both worlds for guests looking to visit New Mexico! Available to rent for $155 per night, this tiny home is in a farming community near a popular waterway where visitors can explore. After a day of exploring, guests return to a stunning farmhouse-style tiny home where a full-size

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