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Toodles is a major characterin Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 1 TOODLES is created in which 2 TOODLES 3 Mousekatools 4 Toodles Major stars in action movies in the 21st centruy 5 Quotes 6 Trivia Toodles was created by Ludwig von drake. He was made for Mickeys "personal needs". But in on his birth date Mickey crucified him and now he's gone forever. Or is he? In 2006, a few years later. When MMCH premiered, Toodles was shown to be alive. So what happened, IDFK what happened but i tell y'all this, You ... Disney, Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey Clubhouse, Toodles Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse Club, Mickey Mouse House, Mickey Head, Mickey Minnie Mouse

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Toodles is a helpful magical device from Disney Junior's 2006-2016 television series Mickey... Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Toodles Mickey Mouse, Feltro, Toodles, Mickey Mouse Png, Mickey Head, Mickey, Trunk Or Treat

Toodles is a major character in the preschool TV series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Toodles is a flat floating yellow disk that is shaped like Mickey's head, red and yellow stripes on the right ear, red and yellow spots on the left ear. He wears a blue screen with red, pink, and yellow polka dots, sky blue eyes, coral cheeks, and thin red lips. Toodles is a super computer that is always there to help Mickey and the gang find the answers they need. He is always shown to come when Mickey and / or…

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