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Custom dresses representing the 7 regions of Oaxaca, Mexico. Just beautiful.

The large state of Oaxaca Mexico is geographically and ethnically diverse. Tradition has it that there are 8 (used to be 7) regions in the state. In performances and dances like Guelaguetza women and men wear traditional costumes that represent the regions. These women are playing that kind of part at a big wedding. However, they apparently couldn't come up with the 8 different costumes, so four women are wearing costumes from the Istmo of Tehuantepec. The costumes represent these regions…

Maria Martinez
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The outfit includes a hand embroidered jacket in black, pink and red, and a black trousers skirt. In the case of women, as it is the same as with veils, we advise not to include flowers. You must wear it with a bun, discreet earrings, and a hat slightlyinclined toward the left side, unlike men who have to inclined it on the opposite side. MEASUREMENTS Jacket for woman T – 42Breast:84 cmWaist:68 cmT – 44Breast:88 cmWaist:72 cmT – 46Breast:92 cmWaist:76 cmT – 48Breast:96 cmWaist:80 cmT –…

Octavio Escárrega Germán
FolkCostume&Embroidery: Charro Costume of Salamanca Province, Spain

Hello all. Today I am going to go further afield than I have before. Spain has some incredibly beautiful and complex costumes, but there seems to be limited literature on the subject. [If anyone can acquaint me with more sources, i would be very glad of the information]. Salamanca is a city and surrounding province in the northwest of Spain, historically part of Leon. Here is a schematic map showing the location of the province. There are a handful of different costumes worn in this…

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