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I love Transformation Tuesday because not only do I get to see everyone else's journeys and how far they have come, I also get to look back at my journey as well. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look how far you have come to keep you motivated and I do this weekly. Today, though, I am looking at my mental transformation. Throughout my journey, I have been through every possible emotion; Hate, Love, Insecure, Angry, Hunger, Starved, Stuffed, Guilt, Pleasure, Pain, Success, Failure…

State of Slim
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Did you know that no 2 snowflakes are the same?! Each one has it's own unique pattern and size, how amazing is that?! Snowflakes are kind of like humans, we each have our own unique features and no 2 are exactly the same (even identical twins have subtle differences). Unfortunately as women we can get caught up in body comparisons and wanting to look just like a famous supermodel or achieve the body goals of a popular fitness influencer. The thing is, even if we all did the exact same…

Briana | Fitness Coach

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