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Discover the perfect traveler guitar that allows you to make music wherever you go. Find top recommendations for portable guitars that are ideal for traveling musicians.
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After several electric efforts, it's time for an acoustic. We entered strange paths and the mind began to move differently. Designs came, ideas were hatched and the first example is here. We started our first fully acoustic instrument with an oak body, which received only oil so that the wood could breathe…

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Make a Travel Practice Guitar Ver. 2.0 (with Video): This Instructable shows how to take an ordinary classical guitar (a cheap one, preferably), and cut it down to the smallest size possible for practice on the road, especially in hotel rooms. The final guitar fits in a large suitcase and is very quie…

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Removable side repair :: 1999 Luthier Music Corp TRVL01 Travel Guitar [2.1 lbs] This was an interesting project that made me feel more like a boat builder than a guitar guy. The sides on this travel classical are removable and over time the tabs that fit into the body had become damaged a

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From an early age, I wanted to learn to play the guitar. I took a few lessons here and there through the years, but for the most part taught myself from books and tapes. I never was a very good player, but that hasn't stopped my love of the instrument and music. I've had several guitars, from electric to acoustic, to even a mini electric that I built myself using a kit. I even had a dial up BBS back in the day completely devoted to TAB (tablature files) that was named CrossRoads BBS.