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Explore the profound symbolism of the Trinity symbol and find inspiration for incorporating it into your life. Discover beautiful designs and meaningful representations of this powerful symbol.
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Reposting this from the 2015 archives to celebrate the feast of the Trinity: As the Liturgical Year returns to the “Season of the Year” or “Ordinary Time,” the pattern does not fall completely into place. The first few Sundays are special solemnities of Our Lord, so there will not be the green vestments and a numbered Sunday but white vestments and the highest celebration. This Sunday is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, falling on what

Anne Marie
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I believe most of us would agree that there are certain things people are very careful in defining or describing. That is, there are certain topics or situations or scenarios that most people, most of the time, are meticulous about getting right whenever they talk about them. Two simple examples I can think of would be recipes or directions. You can’t share a birthday cake recipe, for example, by saying, “Well, just mix some sugar and some flour together with a little bit of salt and vanilla…

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