Tsubasa reservoir

Embark on an epic adventure with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Join Syaoran and his friends as they journey through different worlds in search of precious memories. Discover the enchanting story and captivating characters in this must-read manga series.
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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Red: The Color of Desire - Fay and Kurogane

I scanned this from the 2008 Tsubasa/xxxHolic Calendar. See the rest of the calendar: Cover: Rise Up Like the Sun - Soel & Larg by Marissa January: Like Dreamers at Night by Marissa February: Black: The Color of Despair - Syaoran & Sakura by Marissa March: Storms We Cannot Weather - Kohane & Watanuki by Marissa April: Life Has Killed the Dream I Dreamed - Sakura by Marissa May: Grab Your Chance - Yuuko & Watanuki by Marissa June: Red: The Color of Desire - Fay and Kurogane by Marissa July…

梦桥 汪