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Vintage Turquoise & Silver cuffs,1920 - 1930 @Carol Van De Maele Van De Maele Van De Maele Markel Berard Horn, Bohol, Batu, Boho, Navajo, Armband, Bijou, Krystal, Bejewelled

Saturday afternoon, the hubs and I took a drive up to Old Scottsdale. I don't think we got to take it all in, but we did walk around shops, galleries and restaurants in an area called fifth avenue (and guess where my mind went when I saw that!!) I'd like to go back in the evening during an Art Walk. We saw both new modern structures with charming old architecture, WATER (from the Arizona Canal), met a few shop owners - eager to share stories of the area, plus they even a bit of its history…

Roxy KoRn
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The Boheme collection was inspired by Delphine's upbringing in the south of France. The beads represent grains of sand, the dance of seafoam bubbles on the shore, but also the geometric texture of sea urchin skeletons found in her many a walk at the beach, and the tuft pattern of the prickly pear cacti common around th