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Explore the impressive aircraft used by the US Navy. Discover the top ideas for military aviation enthusiasts and get inspired by the power and capabilities of these remarkable machines.
Lockheed Wants To Bring The S-3 Viking Back From The Dead Military Gear, Military Equipment, Military History, Us Navy Aircraft, Military Aircraft, Fighter Planes, Fighter Jets, Us Navy Submarines, Carrier Strike Group

The Navy's choice to retire the S-3 Viking in 2009 was thought of by many as extremely nearsighted and brutally lacking in creativity. Now, a half decade later, Lockheed, the aircraft's original manufacturer, wants to resurrect the Vikings from their collective grave in Arizona, and fly them from America's flattops…

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USS Yorktown Museum. US Navy Photo Us Navy Aircraft, Navy Aircraft Carrier, Military Aircraft, Armada, American Aircraft Carriers, Grandeur Of The Seas, Uss Yorktown, Naval Intelligence, Bahamas Cruise

American aircraft carriers at their peak are the queens of the high seas, outclassing even America’s nearest peer competitors. They’re the anchors of U.S. seapower, and have a commensurate price tag, costing billions of dollars to build and thousands of sailors to man. But even the proudest ships outlive their military usefulness — and sometimes they’re barely worth the trouble to tear them down. USS Constellation (CV-64) will be the latest carrier to meet the scrappers. The Navy announced…

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