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Different Types of Cycles and Their Applications [Explained]

The bicycle or bike is a human-powered vehicle with two wheels arranged in a tandem arrangement. It is propelled by pedaling, and the rider sits on a saddle while controlling the front wheel with handlebars. People use bicycles for transportation, exercise, and leisure, and they also use them for commuting. In a variety of sports, including road racing and mountain biking, bicycles are used.

Balkumar Yadav
Monster Mini: El Burro Sand 'N Sno Bike #USA #Bikes, #Motorcycles, #Projects, #Scooters - Homemade Vehicles, Custom Mini Bike, Build A Go Kart, Top Bikes, Homemade Go Kart, Custom Motorcycles Harley, E Bike Battery, Biking Diy, Bike Prices

Monster Mini: El Burro Sand ‘N Sno Bike

Here's a genre I wish would come back: mini-scooters with huge tires that are actually off-road capable. This 1971 El Burro Sand 'N Sno Bike (what a great, great name) was built for road use and also designed for off-road excursions, provided you aired-down those huge tires. It's not very fast, but it probably feels...

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