Vinegar salad dressing

Enhance the flavor of your salads with these delicious vinegar salad dressing recipes. Discover simple and tasty ideas to elevate your culinary creations.
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Make a simple vinaigrette with olive and canola oils, red wine vinegar, and seasonings to use as a light dressing on your favorite salad. My husband requested I make this dressing ages ago, but clearly I’m too lazy to throw a few ingredients together for the easiest salad dressing ever…until now. When I’m not making...Read More »

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Oil-and-vinegar dressing takes a simple plate of fresh salad greens to the next dimension of delightful. Oil-and-vinegar dressing, or vinaigrette, is a basic culinary emulsion, similar to mayonnaise but without the egg. And, like all emulsions, vinaigrette requires an exact proportion of fat and acid to hold together.

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Healthy homemade salad dressing recipes that are super easy to make — from a basic balsamic vinaigrette to peanut, honey mustard and cilantro lime. All dressings are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and paleo-friendly.

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Take your salad recipes to the next level with a delicious homemade dressing! These red wine vinegar dressing recipes add flavor to any salad.

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