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WACO Bi-Plane Flight, via Flickr. Vintage, Instagram, Ford, Fighter, Auto, Jets, Volo, Waco, Airplane

I'm in Albuquerque getting ready to turn in for the evening! It's only 9 pm here, but I have to be up and out by 4:30 am in order to get to the airport in time for my flight. I'm already checked in, so all I have to do is make a wild dash to the Gate! Sounds easy enough, huh? Touch down in Richmond is about 1:38 pm, so I'll be able to rest up for my next great adventure. I worked late last night in the hope of living early today, but somehow I had to make just one more call, then one more…

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World Travel Library - The Swissair, Balair, Crossair Collection has more than 100 original printed airline brochures, timetables, Inflight magazines, annual reports. / Die Sammlung hat mehr als 100 gedruckte Broschüren, Bordmagazine, Flugpläne, Veröffentlichungen von Swissair, Balair, Crossair.

World Travel Library - The Collection