Vintage candy bars

Indulge in the nostalgia of classic candy bars with these delicious vintage treats. Discover a wide variety of flavors and textures that will satisfy your sweet tooth and transport you back in time.
this use to be my favorite candy bar. Nestle's - Choco'Lite candy bar cardboard store sign - early 70's by JasonLiebig, via Flickr Retro, Art Deco, Candy, Treats, Vintage, Choco’s, Penny Candy, Nestle, Favorite Candy

This is a great old in-store cardboard display sign for the "NEW!" Nestle's Choco'Lite candy bar. I recently acquired an early 70's Choco'Lite wrapper, and I had assumed it was the earliest variety of Choco'Lite wrapper made. But the version illustrated here appears different. So either it was different, or the illustrator took liberties with his interpretation. What do you think? The other reason I really like this piece is that it illustrates the design found on the classic Choco'Lite bar…

Linda Houser
Marathon Candy Bar - 1973 ~ My favorite thing to get at the convenience store when I was a kid! Snacks, Vintage, Candy, Favorite Candy, Retro Recipes, Candy Store, Retro Sweets, Retro Candy, Goodies

Here's a neat newspaper ad for the beloved Marathon candy bar on December 16, 1973. That's Marathon John throwing down the challenge. I used to love those Marathon bars! Be sure to check out a trio of marvelous Marathon posts going on at Maximum Marathon Part 1: The Wrappers! Maximum Marathon Part 2: The Commercials! Plus a World Premiere Video! Maximum Marathon Part 3: Original 1970′s TV Prop Marathon Bars Discovered!

MB McKeithen