Vision Care

Take care of your eyes with these essential tips for vision care. Learn how to maintain healthy vision and prevent eye problems for a better quality of life.
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Glaucoma Prevention | How To Avoid Glaucoma And Maintain Eye Health

Engaging in glaucoma prevention is especially important when you are predisposed to developing the condition. Given this, it is important to know what risk factors to look out for in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your eye health.

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What Parents Need To Know About Potential Vision Problems In Children

Potential vision problems in children are common, but many vision conditions can be detected early and managed with glasses or contact lenses. Find out what you need to know about your child’s eyesight. Thanks to CooperVision for sponsoring this post.

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Eye Care

Learning more about how an eye doctor can help you is smart. Making regular appointments with an experienced optometrist is important. Eye doctors are professionals who perform the comprehensive eye and vision examinations everyone needs every one to two years. Your good eye health is vital to your everyday activities. When patients are in need [...]

The exam for contact lenses is a little more complicated than the one for glasses. | 16 Things You Should Know Before Getting Contacts Autogenic Training, Eye Chart, Eye Sight Improvement, Eye Exercises, Low Vision, Vision Eye, Impression 3d, Eye Health, Health Info

The exam for contact lenses is a little more complicated than the one for glasses.

So don't expect a quick in-and-out visit. Before you can even be fitted for your contact lenses, you have to have a comprehensive eye exam, which includes not just figuring out your prescription, but also a few tests assessing the inside and outside health of your eye, says Thau. After that, you'll have the contact lens fitting, where the doctor will take measurements of the front of your eye and select diagnostic lenses — aka trial lenses — for you to test out.

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