Vs pink sweatpants

Stay comfortable and fashionable with a pair of VS Pink sweatpants. Explore our top picks for versatile sweatpants that are perfect for lounging, running errands, or hitting the gym.
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a SALE and a REVIEW Mine all mine... just kidding ~ you can have some :) Hello dolls ~ listed a whole bunch of things on Yardsellr. Velour pants, boyfriend sweats, vintage flare pants, lacie thongs, limited edition bling pants, hoodies, the list goes on and on. All colors. All sizes. All deeply discounted. All good! My review of the PINK semi-annual sale online: UGH. Utter lack of design. The collection released for this spring was very, very basic. And not in a good way. The theme is a…

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I love love love the fun, girly aspect of this photoshoot. The ads for Victoria's secret's PINK line are always great for evoking an energetic and fun vibe in their photos. It's really refreshing because so many brands go for the dark, dramatic, sexy look in their campaigns that they don't really stand out from each other. I also really love the normally brunette model Magdalena Frackowiak's lightened blonde hair in these photos... its so fresh and bright!

Shay Littleton