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Discover a variety of creative and engaging activities for Waldorf kids that promote holistic development. Explore top ideas to inspire imagination and foster a love for learning.
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Discovering Waldorf The Magic Of Waldorf Storybooks by: Joey van Oort We do not have a Waldorf School close by to enroll our children, however, we have chosen to live a Waldorf lifestyle at home. When my children were born my mother in law introduced us to a few of the Waldorf story books that […]

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Here’s a branch of snowy May, A branch the fairies gave me, Would you like to dance today, With a branch the fairies gave me, Dance away, dance away, Holding high the branch of May! May Day is a traditional festival celebrated across the globe. We welcome spring and honor the changing of seasons from darkness to light with dancing, singing and stories. Children in floral crowns dance around the May pole, wrapping ribbons around with each circle they make. Today on the Moon Child Blog, Sunny…

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Advent Advent is observed the four Sundays that lead up to Christmas. If you aren’t christian, you may choose for your advent to lead up to Hannukah, Yule, Solstice, etc. Advent means “anticipation” so you might use this time to meditate on the season and its meaning to you. Advent celebrates the bringing of light...

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I have exciting news today… I’m happy to announce that I am bringing back the Discovering Waldorf Education series. So many of you have requested its return as it gave us all such a beautiful, every-day, insight into the Waldorf way. The Discovering Waldorf series is a compilation of articles about the Waldorf way of […]

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With all the different educational options available to parents today, it can be difficult to pick the right one for your child. This article will provide parents with information about the main different types of

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Learn How To Bring The Beauty Of Waldorf Into Your Home Get Access To My Exclusive Training That Will Show You The 8 Key Steps To Bringing Waldorf Into Your Home & Lifestyle Your children do not have to go to a Waldorf school – YOU can bring Waldorf into your home! Regular Price = […]

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