White balance

Learn how to achieve perfect white balance in your photos with these expert tips and techniques. Enhance the colors and tones in your images to create stunning and professional-looking photographs.
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White balance is an often-overlooked aspect of photography. Many, many of us are guilty of simply adopting a "set it and forget it" approach to white balance, relying on auto white balance and our camera's ability to interpret a scene and choose an appropriate white balance. For many situations, your camera's auto white balance will do a decent job. But if you really want full creative control over your photograph, it is important to understand white balance and how to use it to truly…

Pradeep Nalin
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White Balance is my nemesis, and I am sure it is many of yours too! There are a few ways you can set your white balance in camera - you can use Auto White Balance (not recommended!), use one of the presets available in your camera (like Sunny, Cloudy, Tungsten etc) then tweak in p

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