White wash brick fireplace

Transform the look of your brick fireplace with a stylish white wash technique. Discover top ideas to create a fresh and modern focal point in your living space.
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Supplies Needed 1 qt of paint -We used Behr Premium Plus in White Dove Large chip brush Water 2 1 qt mixing bucket or Handy Paint Pail Step 1: Clean fireplace We used warm water mixed with powdered tide @gocleanco style and this drill attachment to get 30 years of dirt off the hearth. It...

Leigh anne Klie
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We recently moved into a new house and the fireplace was not our style. If you’re considering a brick fireplace makeover DIY, then you probably know what I’m talking about. A fireplace can be a beautiful focal point in a living room, but outdated brick fireplaces tend to be more of an eyesore. Modernizing an […]

Krissy Tetzlaff
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If you want to give a room character while combining some extra flair, choose a brick fireplace. Have you been considering upgrading your home decor? Brick fireplaces design ideas are a good place to start. Maybe you’re thinking there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to styling with brick. We’re here to tell […]

Jacqui Grossman
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Interior lime wash is a traditional technique used to finish brick fireplaces or walls. Lime wash is made from slaked lime, which is a type of calcium hydroxide that has been mixed with water. The resulting paste is then mixed with pigments to create a range of colors. Lime wash has a number of benefits…

Brooke Devaney
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