Wild indigo

Explore the captivating beauty of wild indigo with these top ideas and inspiration. Enhance your garden or landscape with this stunning and vibrant flowering plant.
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Noted for its unique flowers, Baptisia 'Lunar Eclipse' is an upright perennial bearing a profusion of oversized flowers held well above the foliage. Emerging pale lemon over cream, the blossoms gradually turn cream, then pale lilac and ultimately purple-blue, producing a unique multicolor effect.

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Botanical Name of Wild Indigo: Baptisia tinctoria. Other Common Names: Broom-clover, Baptisia, indigo-weed, horsefly-weed, indigo-broom, shoofly, yellow indigo, American indigo, yellow broom, cloverbroom, rattlebush. Habitat: Wild indigo grows mainly along the Eastern Side of the United States – from Maine to Minnesota and all the way south to Florida, but typically no further than southeast of Louisiana. Plant Description: Wild indigo is a perennial plant that grows about 2 to 3 feet in…

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