Wild yeast

Discover the fascinating world of wild yeast and learn how to harness its unique flavors and textures. Explore top ideas and recipes to create delicious breads, pastries, and more using wild yeast.
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Since the dawn of humanity, people have enjoyed a deep relationship with yeasts. You may not realize it, but yeast spores are present everywhere. They’re in the air we breathe; in plants, flowers, fruits, and soil; and even on our skin. And, perhaps more importantly, yeast is a key ingredient used in making alcoholic drinks. More

Gypsy Shine Walker
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Without yeast, our lives would be void of many of our day-to-day products. Getting back to the basics and learning how to make yeast yourself will give you an invaluable skill to hold onto and share with others. Using different produce such as oranges, potatoes, herbs and grains is not only a great science experiment, but a way for you to play around with the flavors of your favorite bread recipes.

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