Wood bottles

Discover unique and stylish ways to incorporate wood bottles into your home decor. Add a touch of rustic charm and eco-friendly appeal to your living space with these innovative ideas.
Personalized Solid Wood Round Bottle Opener Magnet - Etsy Design, Ice Hockey, Bier, Lazer, Laser Engraving, Hockey, Merch, Laser Cut Wood, Diy Laser Engraver

Personalized Solid Wood Bottle Opener with Magnets Price $12.00 each Bulk Prices Enter code at checkout. 12 10% $10.80 ea. coupon code: BOTTLE10 24 15% $10.20 ea. coupon code: BOTTLE15 36 20% $9.60 ea. coupon code: BOTTLE20 50 25% $9.00 ea. coupon code: BOTTLE25 100 35% $7.80 ea. coupon code: BOTTLE35 200 40% $7.20 ea. coupon code: BOTTLE40 Round bottle opener is approximately 3'' round x 3/4'' thick. Available in Walnut, Cherry, and Maple. Finished with beeswax and mineral oil…

Kathy Brown