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Discover the must-have woodworking saws that every DIY enthusiast needs. From hand saws to table saws, find the perfect tools to bring your woodworking projects to life.
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The Japanese saw will revolutionize how you do woodwork. Like its country of origin, this tool is all about simplicity and function. Learn why Japanese hand saws belong in your toolbox by checking out this ultimate guide. RELATED: Making The Cut: How To Make An Improvised Wire Saw From Scraps In this article: Why are […]

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A crosscut saw is a lot slower than a chain saw and it certainly is a lot more work for one person, but it's also a lot quieter and lighter with no noxious fumes. Precision ground design can't stick in cut Needle point, wide perforated lance tooth cutters for all-purpose, fast cutting Oil hardened, special analysis steel with accurately set teeth and rakers; 4 teeth/raker Works best on hard woods For heavy pruning and trimming, firewood, occasional felling and notching logs Straight back…

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