Worm's eye view photography

Explore stunning examples of worm's eye view photography and learn how to capture unique and intriguing perspectives. Take your photography skills to new heights with these creative ideas.
Black and White photo of dandelions again a clear sky Eyes, Perspective, Photography, Fotografie, Aesthetic Photography, Photography Inspo, Eye Photography, Views, Wonder

Our grass hasn't been cut in quite some time. There were dandelions and a whole lot of other species of grass I don't know the name of. But while I was looking at the dandelion I was wondering what it looked like from underneath. I am obviously way too big to actually get under the dandelion so I thought why not just use my phone? So, I put a timer on my phone and set it down to see what I could get. Since I couldn't see the screen the final image was a total surprise. Definitely didn't get…

Fergus McChin