Yellow snake

Explore the mesmerizing world of yellow snakes and learn about their unique characteristics. Find out how these vibrant creatures contribute to the biodiversity of our planet.
Albino Ball Python- If I were to ever get another BP it would be an Albino. I've always wanted one :) Animal Kingdom, Animals, Lizards, Reptiles, Python, Reptiles And Amphibians, Ball Python, Animal Pics, Snake

The albino was the first proven recessive ball python mutation. Albinos are amelanistic, with no dark pigments, leaving a bright yellow and white snake with pink/red eyes and are key to some of the must-have designer mutations. They are also one of the first recessive ball python mophs to become affordable to many "casual" ball python collectors.Standard Albinos come in a couple varieties, high contrast and low contrast. It is hard to tell the difference as hatchlings, but low contrast…

Danielle O'Brien