Yoga mat sling diy

Learn how to make your own yoga mat sling with this easy DIY tutorial. Carry your mat with style and convenience, and never struggle with your yoga gear again.
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Comfortably and easily be able to carry your yoga mat to your next workout! Materials: Fabric of choice Scissors Sticky Back Velcro Sewing needle and Thread or Sewing Machine Step 1: Measure and cut out a piece of fabric 16” in length by 13” in width. Cut down the middle to make two pieces the […]

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For years now, I have been practising yoga on a regular basis. I have always felt that yoga and macramé both have a very important presence for me from a mindfulness sense. They both help me to stop, breathe and really be in the present moment. They both are also great for my mental clarity. Whenever I do venture to my yoga classes, I have always carried my mat in a handy macramé strap. I made this design up myself years ago, just wanting to find an easier way to carry my yoga mat to class…

Kim Gravel