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I know that sounds like an oxymoron, however, there is a way to cope with your shopping addiction by learning how to become a professional shopping addict. And I'm probably the best person to give you this advice because my entire life has been about saving money, but I love to shop. I'm sharing all of the tips I live by that allow me to save money as a college student, while also allowing me to shop.

Hemant Khushale
This is retail design. I chose this one because I thought the model photos on the side were an interesting take. Design, Layout, Shop Interior Design, Shop Front Design, Retail Design, Retail Store Design, Commercial Interior Design, Shop Facade, Store Design

With a modern, almost futuristic appearance, the façade of the Zara store at Westfield London is in no need of character. Replacing the customary rectangular look with a daring geometric design, the façade stands up as a veritable piece of modern architectural art.

Anna Lovin