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Blue Coast Engineering Projects & Consultants Pvt Ltd is a civil engg / construction company in India. #identitidesigns #logo #blue #building #roadtrip #bridge #runway


A minimal but eye catching logo for DJ Geo Paul Logo Concept: The letters O and P resembles a dj disk or a turn table. #dj #logo #minimalistic

Wedding Eye Balls is a Cochin based wedding photography team. #identitidesigns #bethebest #beattherest

Triceratops Marine Pvt. Ltd. is a company that specializes in the construction of offshore equipments like oil rigs. Letter T and M creates negative space inside which resembles an oil rig.

Letter N and K are used to create a minimalistic camera logo for Natasha Katunina.

Client: Kuruvithadam Agencies Private Limited (K.A.P.L)

Arjun Saju Photography logo. Camera with letters A, S, P.