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For more information about restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone services, consult our professionals at iRock Finishes.

You can easily save your business money by using the polished concrete sealers, which is taken as high quality of concrete sealers.

Safety is supposed to be one of the major factors when you are going to select the concrete sealers.

Epoxy Flooring by Concrete Sealing Melbourne - Epoxy floors are additionally waterproof. That is the reason they are fitting to be utilized as a part of kitchens, eateries and bread shops where it is regular for the floors to be sodden or constantly absorbed water. For more Details go to or call us on 1300 131 271.


iRock Finishes is here to take away all your worries. Our professionals with a thorough understanding of a variety of Concrete cleaning and sealing methods. Our epoxy coatings come in wide rage of colours and can be applied to any size surface area.

Get Shining Clean Floors And Tiles - Getting any surface cleaned or free of stains and scratches, is a costly affair, but, We can do it for you for quite a reasonable rate and you get full value for your money. We are passionate about the #restoration, #Concretecleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and floors in Melbourne.