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SMAC Technologies will be the first to enjoy the skill force generated by IIHT Technologies

There will be huge requirement for analysts in SMAC from businesses all over the world. SMAC will be a multi-billion dollar opportunity globally, for India alone will claim $225 billion business opportunity for Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the near future (Read More). Partners from across the globe are invited to join hands with IIHT Technologies in its new venture of skilling the Future genre in Big Data Analytics.


When you think of franchise fees it’s not the only thing you are concerned about, it’s actually, referring to various cost that you’d incur to own a franchise. And one should be well aware of different types of Franchise Fees so as to avoid any discrepancies. IIHT Technologies works in such a way that they plan each of these fees in a very transparent manner so that there is always a healthy franchisor and franchisee relationship.

Good relationship between franchisor and franchisee is possible only with clear cut transparency in all aspects of the business, especially the finances. IIHT Technologies indeed believes in transparency and upholds culture built on trust with each of its partners.

Want to learn the secret to franchise success??

Ever wondered as to why franchise model have become one of the most successful business models? Well there are many reasons, Lets’ see why?

Education and training that needs highest priority in the current scenario is not available and hence players like IIHT Technologies, that provides bridging courses to the youth in the sector of IT IMS, are essential in the market.

To realise the country’s full potential it has become imperative to plan for a well strategized skill development that is focused on black youth in South Africa. IIHT Technologies has the potential to build skills among the disadvantaged; with its success in Mozambique, Nigeria projects, it also has rich experience in upskilling individuals from all backgrounds.

Royalties cover Continuous use of Consultation and Continued Support, Brand and Goodwill,Innovation and Technology Upgradation, Ongoing Promotion and last but not the least Operations with Proven Ability. IIHT Franchise being Asia's leading IT Trainng Franchise has adopted franchise business model and adheres to international standards of operation.

IIHT was consulted to prepare simple e-learning training materials which eliminate the time and effort of classroom training sessions. This was also rightly judged to be cost effective and more progressive learning methodology.