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Journalist-turned-author Sudha Menon writes to her mother in this poignant letter, about how she longs to turn back time and revisit her childhood.

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The Vogue Beauty Awards 2014 which took place yesterday were full of the who's who of Bollywood schmoozing around. With some air-kisses and compliments being exchanged, the glamour quotient of the event definitely was charged up. With black and white being the colours of the evening, check out the celebrities who monocromed up! Don't Miss! Bollywood Actresses Who Need to Tone Down Their Style Image Courtesy: IANS  

Celebrity Style: At Vogue Beauty Awards 2014

Satvik, in the language of foodies, translates as bland food or food without basic spices. So no onions, garlic and ginger for the whole month of Shravan. But, bland doesn't mean flavourless. We got you recipes of snacks, main courses and dessert to keep things interesting in the kitchen. Don't Miss! How to Make Garlic Rasam [Video] Image courtesy: ©Thinkstock photos/ Getty images  

7 Satvik Recipes for the Month of Shravan

While Always' #LikeAGirl campaign definitely got a lot of us to stop succumbing to automatisms such as "throw, run and fight like a girl", it inspired TVF Recycle Bin to rehash the hashtag. The result being #LikeAnIndianMan. The question asked by the people behind this video: How do Indian men approach women? Here's why this low cost video is so much better than Airtel's regressive TVC.

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In Part I & Part II of the E-Filing Series, we discussed the step-by-step process of filing your tax returns and common myths and mistakes when it comes to filing your tax returns. In this third part of the series let’s understand section 80TTA and from 26AS which are extremely important to take into cognizance before you file your tax returns.

E-Filing Series: Do You Know about Section 80TTA & Form 26AS?

Travelling light is always a challenge. Editing your beauty kit can be a toughie- do I leave behind my eyelash curler? But what if I meet a cute guy on my holiday, do I pack in a curling iron? Here's a list of all that you need to carry while on a holiday. Don't Miss! Want Fabulous Skin? Don't Make These 5 Skincare Mistakes, Like Ever! Image courtesy: ©Thinkstock photos/ Getty images

10 Beauty Must-Haves to Look Great on a Getaway

Taylor Swift, the American songstress who is known not to last in a relationship too long, recently revealed the reason she may be unlucky - her fetish for bad boys! While some women do find men with a negative streak attractive, here are celebrities who have fallen into the bad boy trap.

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Celebrities have a world of their own. And thanks to Twitter, we have easy access to their lives through Twitpics. While some of the B-town celebrities posted their wedding and coochie-cooing pictures, others got close to their exes and some even nude! Here are some of the most talked about Twitpics of 2012.

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After selfies, the new trend to hit social media is celebrities taking selfies in bed! Yes, these stars are so lazy that they don't mind posing without any make up either! (C'mon, didn't you know we're judging?) Jokes apart, if the new craze is to take selfies in bed, then we are not sure where things are headed next. The bathroom, maybe?! Nooo.... Never mind, here's some celebrity inspiration for all those of you who are obsessed with taking selfies. :-PDon't Miss: 12 Celebrities Who are…

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Debutante Devika's concept might look good on paper, but onscreen it dissipates like diarrhoea. Strung with a few laughable scenes, it scrambles around with too many plots crafted like episodic sitcoms. If your stomach is still growling, your table for two (stars) is ready!

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