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The Bermondsey Box

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I Love Gin first subscription box featuring Jensen's Old Tom and Bermondsey Dry Gins alongside Bermondsey Tonic Water (BTW).

BTW Bermondsey Tonic Water featured in the first ever I Love Gin Box this July!

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Jensen Gin Family - miniatures are featuring in our Bermondsey Box!

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Its G&T Friday for our I Love Gin subscribers! Our Bermondsey boxes have been delivered this week and will continue to be dispatched when you order!

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Let the packing commence! #ilovegin The Bermondsey box is available on our site now!

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Great having photos from our customers! Bermondsey box featuring BTW and Jensen's Gins.


London Bermondsey Jensen's Dry Gin. 43 % ABV. Classic. Recreation of a classic, old-fashioned London Dry style. Smooth and rounded, with delicate floral and citrus notes it is an essential gin for a Dry Martini.