Walking The Line

Pics from the new 'sculpture trail' between the Olympic Park and Greenwich. The Line official website here: http://the-line.org/
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Abigail Fallis... Shops at KwikSave upon closer inspection

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Gary Hume dreams of electric sheep. Obvs.

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First stop on The Line sculpture trail from the Olympic Park Greenwich. This may or may not be Thomas Price...?

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Or this? Maybe I'm not cut out to be a sculpture sleuth.

Bill Viola - Transfiguration

Lost and full of doubt

Damien Hirst. Bless, he came a bit late to gsce biology. And then raped it for everything it was worth.

Cody dock. Lovely industrial no-man's land. With caff of course (this is still London and a boy still has needs)

Eduardo Pauolozzi, Vulcan - god of retro futurism metalwork and All Bar One

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