Mini Muslim - Just for Kids

Islamic reminders in everyday products ! Style and purpose
12 Pins
a small stuffed animal sitting next to a blanket on top of a white tablecloth
Muslim Baby Blanket - Baby Gifts
a baby crib with a toy horse next to it
Muslim Baby Blanket
a white plate topped with cookies next to a plastic fork and some scrabbles
Muslim Inspired Tableware for kids
a plate with some cookies on it next to a fork and spoon, along with a pink flower
A is for Alhumdullilah - Kids Tableware
two placemats with space images on them and a gold spoon in the middle
Muslim Kids Placemat Set
play dough and cookie cutters on a marble surface
islamic cookie cutter fun
some cookie cutters are laying on a blue surface with gold confetti around them
Baking with Kids - Muslim Cookie cutters
two placemats with hot air balloons on them, one has a spoon in it
Ready Steady Bismillah
a plate with a piece of watermelon on it next to glasses and other items
Mealtime Fun - Mini Muslim Tableware
the contents of a children's board game laid out on a purple surface
Islamic Reminders for your mini muslim
Wooden Placemat and Coaster Sets for your little muslim with islamic reminders
watermelon slices and star shaped candies on a plate with confetti
Here's a hack to get kids to eat fruit - Muslim Cookie Cutters
an assortment of cookies and pastries on a table
Who's baking ? Islamic Cookie Cutters