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the word hello written in black ink
Jolly Ollie (imjollyollie)
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a baby is sitting in the grass with his mouth wide open and eyes wide open
Come and have some laughs!
a man sitting in a chair with a hat on and the caption reads, oh nice
Onslow from "Keeping Up Appearances" (BBC sitcom) 😄 ~Repinned by Jolly Ollie
Snoopy typing a new story.
"It was a dark and stormy night..." ⛈🌩 ~Repinned by Jolly Ollie .....((🙃)).....
Oh my.... 🤤 ~Repinned by Jolly Ollie Funny Jokes, Albert Einstein, Funny Memes, Fun Quotes Funny, Twisted Humor, Funniest Quotes Ever
Oh my.... 🤤 ~Repinned by Jolly Ollie
a panda bear sitting on top of a tree stump eating something with its paws in his mouth
"OOPS! Did I do that?" -Repinned by Jolly Ollie 🌝
a black shirt with a cartoon dog saying in my defense i was left unsupervised
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AWWWOOO🐶 “ Your so funny”
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two older ladies sitting next to each other on a bench with the caption'two little ladies were attending a rather long church service, one learned over and
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an iphone screen with the text three gallos of crazy in a two gallon bucket
LOL 😅 ~Repinned by Jolly Ollie 🌞
an owl with big blue eyes is on a black t - shirt that says fluff you
😂oh my! ~Repinned by Jolly Ollie