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the ultimate guide to budgeting for social media management
The Ultimate Guide to Budgeting for Social Media Management
Social media management may be one of the most challenging roles to budget for. Although there are no rules for how much to spend on social, there are guidelines you can follow to grow your business. Social Media Tips, Instagram Growth, Business Tips, Culture Matters, Cultural Appreciation, Asian Owned Growth, Instagram Management, BIPOC Owned, Women Owned, POC Business, Women Entrepreneurs, Confident Women, Strong Female, Branding | by Krista Aoki + Alexis Galamay of kapwa studio
the ultimate guide to instagram growth for small businesses
The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Growth for Small Business
Did you know 81% of Instagram users use the platform to research products, services, and businesses? With Instagram being a place for your brand to connect with potential customers, it's an undeniable social media platform for your small businesss to be and grow | social media management, instagram growth, instagram tips, marketing for small businesses, women owned, poc owned business, branding, brand tips and tricks | by krista aoki and alexis galamay at kapwa studio
a white square with the words a complete guide to starting a website
Starting a Website: A Complete Guide
Are you ready to start a website & not sure how to actually get started? Read this complete guide to starting a lifestyle blog & get it up and running in no time at all! | Start A Blog, Blogging Tips, Blogging for Beginners, Blog Tips for Beginners, Blogging Newbies, Blog Newbies, How to Start A Blog, How to Start a Lifestyle Blog | #startablog #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleblog
a person writing on a piece of paper with the title how to write your website's about page
The PERFECT About Page Template to Book More Clients - Blog from Ashlyn Carter | Launch Expert & Copywriter for Creatives
How to Write Your Website About Page: A 7-Step Checklist to Hitting Publish | Ashlyn Carter | Copywriter for Creatives based in Atlanta
a woman smiling with the text to the bed runner charging $ 30 or less
To the Freelancers Charging $30/Hour (or Less)
Are you a freelancer working from home? What is your pricing per hour? If you feel like you've hit a plateau with your freelancing hourly rate, read this motivational guide for inspiration. #workfromhome
the words how to use elementor for wordpress are shown in black and white
How to Use Elementor for WordPress
How much time do you spend customizing your WordPress blog theme? The best theme for WordPress blogs and website actually comes in a plugin form - Elementor Pro! Read this step-by-step Elementor Pro tutorial to design your first page on your website. | Design beautiful websites with
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer with the text how to cut down on endless
How To Cut Down On Endless Revisions — Nesha Woolery
Read this blog post to learn the five key ways you can cut down on both, clients asking for endless revisions & overtime. #soloprenuers #servicebased #onlinebusiness #clients #freelance #tips #feedback #creatives #businesstips #creativebusinesses
a black and white quote on a pink background that says, a fall isn't final unless you stay on the ground
Fear of Failure: Why What You Do After You Fail Really Matters
Are you feeling paralyzed by failure? Marie Forleo shares how to overcome fear and be empowered by the choices you make. #Failure #FearOFailure #OvercomingFear #MarieForleo #MarieTV
a woman smiling with the text how to grow your business even if you're an in
How to Grow Your Business Even if You're an Introvert - Jenna Kutcher
I used to think being introverted meant you were socially awkward and destined for a life of lonerhood. It wasn’t until I learned that being an introvert means that you recharge your batteries by spending time solo that I realized… what the heck, I’m an introvert! I’ve learned that introversion can have some wildly enormous benefits for entrepreneurship I’m sharing some of my biggest tips for introverts to harness their gifts and find some super success in business.
the ultimate guide to blogging for beginners and bloggers with text overlay
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | Reroute Lifestyle
Check out these tips on affiliate marketing for beginners so you can start implementing these passive income strategies and make money from your blog. Affiliate marketing strategies & companies so you can monetize your blog and work from home. affiliate m
a notepad with the words should i name my business my name or something else?
How to Name Your Business: 14 Fun Ways to Get Creative
What should you name your business: Should it be your name, or a product name? #BusinessName #MarieForleo #StartaBusiness #MarketingIdeas #BusinessAdvice #FreeBusinessAdvice #SmallBusiness #Video
a woman sitting in front of a computer with the words 3 ways to niche your online course so it's easier to sell
3 Ways to Niche Your Online Course So It’s Easier to Sell
Niching down allows you to laser focus on a specific group of people and/or problem and go all in. It allows you to speak your ideal customer’s language because you can pinpoint exactly who they are, what they’re thinking and what they need from you.In this episode I'm sharing my three strategies to niche your online course so it sets you apart and is easier to sell.
the words how to use trello to streamline your business on a gray background
How to Use Trello to Streamline Your Business
If you love getting organized, you'll love these tips on how to use Trello project management to streamline your online business. Plan your blog posts, manage your content publishing calendar...and never miss a beat with your ideas or your to-do list. productivity tips, planning, small business organization, small biz, freelancer, freelance tips, work from home | Krista Aoki at
a notebook with the title brand identity for small business the fundamental guide to an unforgetable business
Brand Identity for Small Business | The fundamental guide to an unforgettable business
This article is your fundamental guide to all of the things you need to consider in order to create an unforgettable brand!