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Minecraft - Sustainable Forestry - Lesson Idea for using Minecraft to teach the principles of sustainability through sustainable forestry.


Minecraft Lesson Idea – Sustainable Forestry – ImmersiveMind

Minecaft - QR Codes - Lesson idea for developing QR Codes within Minecraft, linking to study resources and more.


Minecraft QR Codes – ImmersiveMind

Minecraft - Religious ad Moral Education - Lesson Idea for facilitating discussion and learning on the subject of religious and moral education using Minecraft.


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A look back at 2 years in the development of a Minecraft Education Map. Exclusively for the development of classroom lessons and community-based projects.


Minecraft Education Server – Lessons So Far – ImmersiveMind

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Stephen Reid on

Stephen Reid on Twitter: "Bring #WWI to life in your classroom...check out this pic our trench warfare #Minecraft map. See if you can find us."

Stephen Reid on Twitter

Minecraft - Flags of the World - A classroom lesson idea for teaching flags of the world and linked material through Minecraft.

Minecraft Lesson Idea – Flags of the World – ImmersiveMind